Water Play is fun for children and dogs!

Today we were cleaning out the back yard when the spontaneous water play happened by cleaning out the shell, which turned into filling it up and both Tyson and Jett playing in it.

Water play has so many benefits to help children develop their skills.  blog 017

Children develop:

  • Large and fine muscle control
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Heightens an awareness of the senses
  • Promotes exploration of substances, liquids, bubbles, colours, ice and other textures

When you add equipment such as:  jugs, pots, spoons, funnels, buckets, hoses, ducks, cups, bottles, boats and other utensils children can do tipping and pouring which promotes wrist movement and development. Children develop scientific and mathematical concepts such as cause and effect, measuring, weight and volume.

Why not get out some water tomorrow if the sun is shining and enjoy being outside in nature!

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