DIY – Do it Yourself!

I love a bit of DIY and have lately had the time to do so many things.  Whether it is for a party, or a present or just something in my home.  I also love making things myself if it means I only spend a fraction of the cost and challenges to me to do something creative.  I also like to up-cycle things rather than throw them out and buy a new one. Here are some of the things I have made, over the last year.


Coloured Rainbow

All you need is Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink food colouring from the supermarket and a bunch of jars all the same size.  I used Masterfood Marinade bottles.  Or you could do all different size jars!  These look good in the home or early childhood centre on the window sill with the light shining through.


Up cycled glass coca cola bottles with Daiso Floral Fabric Tape


Flags made with post it notes and tooth picks to go in jelly boats at a children’s party


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Balloons made with:

coloured crepe paper/streamers for the mask

Permanent marker drawn on mouth

Eyes drawn on paper, cut out and stuck on with sticky tape


Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I made these for my Kinder Room.  Made with a packet of tissue paper per pom pom, about $2 each depending on where you buy the tissue paper from.  You also need paper clips and string to hang it.  (Instructions on how to make these coming soon)


Matte Black

I used my partner’s Matte Black spray paint he bought to do up his BMX to paint this owl (from Kmart) and this infuser.  I love this look and am looking around the house to find other things to cover in this paint!


Ikea Pot

Decorated this pot with white stickers to add to my monochrome obsession #ikeahack


Moccona Coffee Jars

These are the giant jars, up-cycled to store my baking ingredients and labels made with Daiso floral fabric tape and white stickers.

meri kerhimete

Meri Kirihimete

That means Merry Christmas in Maori.  I spray painted the letters black as they came in all random colours.


Baby Shower

For my baby shower I didn’t want to spend heaps of money so I made this tassle garland for $4 with

one packet of yellow tissue paper (10 sheets in pkt)

one packet of black tissue paper (10 sheets in pkt)

2 packets of silver cellophane (1 sheet in each pkt)

I also spray painted this letters ‘baby love’ black as it was all different colours.

Instructions to make tassle garland coming soon.

jars animals

Animal Jars

Kmart animals super glued onto jar lids, then spray painted.  Add lollies and tags.

You could also put other things in the jars like cottonballs, cottonbuds, crayons, and other art supplies,

Instructions to make these coming soon.

Many of these activities can be done with children or maybe as a part of something to go in their bedroom.

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