Glow in the Dark Bath

A couple of months ago I had my friends and their kids over so I asked the kids if they wanted to have a special bath with the glow sticks.  Tyson (4) was really keen but his sister Kaiah (2) wasn’t really sure.  So I filled up the bath and got them to bring the glow sticks into the bathroom and we threw them in the bath and turned out the lights.  Once Tyson was in the bath Kaiah then wanted to join in too.

They had so much fun! Making bath time different and interesting can encourage children to have a positive bath time experience. When children have a bath they are not just getting clean! They are also learning so much.

In the bath children have the opportunity to develop:

  • Large and fine muscle control
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Heightens an awareness of the senses
  • Promotes exploration of substances, liquids, bubbles, colours, ice and other textures

When you add equipment such as:  jugs, pots, spoons, funnels, buckets, hoses, ducks, cups, bottles, boats and other utensils children can do tipping and pouring which promotes wrist movement and development. Children develop scientific and mathematical concepts such as cause and effect, measuring, weight and volume.

Children are developing a sense of well being and independence in how to keep themselves clean and look after their bodies.

Children develop self help skills through wanting to have a bath, wash themselves and get themselves dressed.  Through doing these things they also develop fine and large motor skills (getting dressed) and attempting things on their own rather than people doing it for them.

Glow sticks were from The Reject Shop


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