Honeycomb Love


I am in love with Honeycomb balls at the moment.  Don’t they just make you happy looking at them? I have been stocking up on them for Marley’s first Birthday, which isn’t till November but when I see them so cheap I have to get them!!  I have always loved planning parties and had my own Kid’s Party Planning business a few years ago but had to stop doing it because I had to focus on studying my Early Childhood Degree and working full time.  But I just love finding new party images to pin on the pinterest page.  You can follow here Kids are the Bomb Diggity – Pinterest

Here are some amazing pictures of parties that have used the Honeycomb balls that are sure to inspire!

Party by Claire Collected

Party by Little House Wife Ltd


Party by Poppies for Grace

Party by Mel Zag


Pic by Nikola Ramsay

Pic from Lark Store

Pic via Pinterest


Pic via Pinterest

Party by Claire Collected


Pic from Little Gatherer


Pic from 100 Layer Cakelet


Pic from Party with Lenzo


Party by Hello Darling


Pic from Sweet William Prints


Pic from Poppies for Grace

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