Cotton bud Painting


This is one of the easiest painting to set up when children come over to my house.  It creates very little mess and is great for the children developing those fine motor skills and pincer grip.  I like to pour the paint into an ice cube tray or a silicone tray for easy access and no spillage.  Once the children are finished you can just throw the used cotton buds out and rinse out the tray.  Easy Peasy!!!

While children are engaged in painting experiences such as this they are learning so much.

Learning objectives of Cotton bud Painting:

  • Extends and encourages creativity and imagination
  • They build confidence in their skills and abilities
  • Investigation of abstract concepts
  • Spatial awareness
  • Learning shapes and colours
  • Provides an opportunity to use new tools and mediums
  • Artistic appreciation
  • Extend concentration and determination
  • Builds social skills, sharing, turn taking, working alongside each other
  • Heightens awareness of colours, shapes, textures and different substances
  • An open ended resource for all ages

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