DIY Panda Pinata


I made my own Panda Pinata for Marley’s BIrthday Party.  I allowed myself two weeks to make it, and I worked on it a little bit everyday and finished it after a week and a half.

What you will need to make your own pinata:

  • Large amount of cardboard (enough for the size you want)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Strong Tape
  • Stapler
  • PVA Glue
  • Paint (if you want to paint cardboard before you put tissue paper on)
  • TIssue Paper (I used one packet of White and one packet of Black)
  • Pink paper
  • Black Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • The first thing you need to do is decided how big you want it and measure out on the cardboard in a circle shape.  I traced around a bucket to get an estimate of size and the circle shape.
  • You will need two measure and cut two circles, one for the front face and one for the back.
  • Next I painted the circles white.  I wanted to cover up the writing that was on the cardboard and I wasn’t sure if you would be able to see it through the tissue paper



  • Marley had a turn of painting too!! If you have older children they can help as well!
  • Once you have done that you can measure and cut a long strip of cardboard which will go in between the two circles
  • We then used the stapler to put the cardboard strip into a circle shape.


  • Before we attached to the circles we did the ears.
  • To do the ears we cut slits in the cardboard (like the pic below)


  • We then cut pieces with tabs that could go into the slits we had cut. (pic below)


  • We then placed these pieces into the cardboard to form the ears (like pic below)


  • So we could hang it up, we put two holes in the top and put in some strong wire and tied together.
  • You could also use a cable tie or strong fishing line, and tie a knot and then use string to tie onto that to hang it up.


  • You can then attach that to your two circles.  We used the tape to stick them together


  • 12201044_10153786999522474_1056397773_n
  • Marley loved being able to explore the Pinata through the stages of making it
  • Next is the fun part! The tissue paper fringe!
  • I found this part a little bit time consuming but I enjoyed it while drinking coffee and watching tv
  • Once you have opened the pack of tissue paper DO NOT open it all out.  Keep it how it comes in the packet, all folded up.  You then need to cut into strips (like in the pic below)


  • Now you can unfold it and cut the fringe to the width you want. I did mine like this (pic below)


  • Now using one strip at a time you can start gluing the fringe onto the pinata.  Starting from the outside working your way around the circle and in.  (pic below) I used a paintbrush to spread the glue around.



  • Then you just keep going until the whole circle is covered in glorious tissue paper fringe.  And then repeat on the back of the pinata. (like the pic below)


  • On the bottom of the pinata you can cut a small hole that you will use later to put your lollies into. Just use a craft knife to cut the size you want.
  • Next you will need to cut the same fringe with the black tissue paper.  The same as the instructions above.
  • Apply the black tissue paper to the inner circle part of the pinata until it’s all covered. (like pic below)

12202340_10153787030302474_2114564148_n 12207825_10153787030297474_1106241059_n

  • Once that’s done, I used black paper to measure and cut to cover up the ears, front and back of the pinata. (like the pic below)


  • Next is the face.  I found a picture of a panda that I liked and used that as a guide for the face I wanted to do.  I drew on the black paper the shape that I wanted and them cut them out.  I then traced that one onto another piece of black paper so they were exactly the same and could mirror each other perfectly.
  • Next I drew a nose and mouth and cut that out.
  • For the pink cheeks – You can use pink paper, but I didn’t have any so I painted white paper pink.
  • Once it was dry I measured and cut two circles.
  • Before I glued I placed the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks on the face and played around with where I wanted each piece.
  • Then I used the PVA glue to stick it all into place.  Then I glued the googly eyes onto the black pieces.


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