DIY Succulent Planter

So a few weeks ago I started a little DIY project and entered it into a competition that Rustoleum were having. I was lucky enough to win a $150 cash prize for my project. whooop whoop! I thought I would share it with you if you have some time over the holidays to do your own little DIY planter.

I bought 3 colanders from the op shop (Salvation Army) which were all under $5 each, which is cheaper than a plastic pot from Bunnings.


I love Rustoleum spray paint so I already had heaps of colours, so I chose white, ocean mist and I had special ordered candy pink from Bunnings because you can’t get them off the shelf anymore. (You can do this by going to the special orders counter at bunnings, but I had to order a minimum of 6 spray cans)

I gave them all a wash and peeled price stickers off and made sure they were all dry. I then spray painted a few coats of each colour on the colanders to make sure they were all covered.

Once they are dry you can also cover them in a clear sealant to make sure the paint lasts for a really long time outside in the harsh Australian sun.


I then filled them with soil and lots of little baby succulents leaving room for them all to grow and fill up the spaces over time.


Now I can water them as much as i want because of the holes in the colander the water can go through and then drain out the bottom as succulents don’t like to much water.

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