Children’s Playhouses – A fun and beautiful place to play and learn

A playhouse is such an asset for any family home and lately I have seen some amazing ones that parents have worked hard to renovate from an old shabby dusty house full of cobwebs to beautiful trendy spaces for their children.

These playhouses welcome children in to play and use their imagination. When children are involved in family play they are learning so much.

Children imitate what they see at home, and what there parents, grandparents and siblings do.  They also learn off the TV,   so you might see them in role play doing these things:

  • talking on the phone (like parents do)
  • Sweeping and cleaning
  • Cuddling their dolls
  • Cooking
  • Talking

The benefits of imaginative play include:

  • Emotional development – as children role play they feel comfortable to say what they want without the fear of being judged.
  • Learning to use equipment in appropriate ways
  • Supports the development of imagination through dramatic play
  • learning to co-operate with others
  • children develop self help skills
  • opportunity to learn alongside others
  • promotes language development
  • links to real life experiences
  • children develop relationship and conflict resolution skills
  • increases confidence and skills in symbolic dramatic and role play

You could include these props in your house to enhance imaginative play:

  • Kitchen – play food, tea cups, plates, (can also be used for playdough)
  • table and chairs
  • Dress ups
  • Books
  • dolls
  • doll bed, high chair
  • Puppets
  • Old computer keyboard, phone



Check out these amazing play houses!

Kara set this house up for her daughter Keira. Isn’t it just delightful, I love all the pastels and the flowers out the front of the house.

Here is what Kara shared with us.

“We bought the house off some friends for $200 it needed a bit of work done to it, we removed the front railing and fixed the deck. The book shelves are from IKEA, and the other little shelves are from Kmart that I’ve painted in pastel colors. We put plastic Windows in to make it water proof, my mum made the curtains. We bought some cheap marine carpet to make it cozy inside.”

You can follow Kara on instagram HERE to see more pics and find out where she sourced all the products.


Tarryn spent months putting together her ideas to transform her playhouse.  She found the playhouse on Trademe (an auction website in New Zealand) and the renovation went from there.

Tarryn and her hubby replaced the roof and painted the interior white.  They created a pegboard wall on one side, which is great for storage and functionality with a desk attached.  A lot of items were sourced cheaply from local shops and markets.  With Tarryn’s DIY skills she was able to spray paint items so the whole house matched with the monochrome and mint theme.  The kitchen is amazing and better than mine! Those subway tiles and marble looks perfect!

If you want any more information about the products and where to get them you can follow Tarryn on instagram HERE and check out all the details on her blog HERE


 One other amazing playhouse I want to share is all the way over in Las Vegas, USA. Jannicke has created the most stunning playhouse inside and out.  She is also an interior designer who specializes in nursery’s, children’s bedrooms, playrooms and playhouses. What  a fun place to play and learn. Check out all of the beautiful pics!

You can follow Jannicke on instagram HERE

Check out her Facebook Page and Website

I hope we have inspired some of you to create some beautiful play spaces for your children! We look forward to lots more exciting blog posts next year!

Amalie x

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