Kids Collection – Essential Oils

Last week we received our Kids Kit essential oil roller bottles. They are brand new on the Australian and New Zealand market, and I really wanted to get them to try them out for my 5 year old son. I wanted to try them out before I recommended them, so I could share our personal experience and how they have worked for us so far. … Continue reading Kids Collection – Essential Oils

I’m now a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and I want to help you!

Guess What? I can now help you with all your essential oil needs! Have you been wondering about ways to support your little ones naturally? Aromatherapy and Essential oils can support upset tummies, sleep, teething, fevers, immune support moods, growing pains and much more. You can check out my instagram stories for ideas of how to use essential oils in your home and with children. … Continue reading I’m now a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate and I want to help you!

Respectful Parenting; How can we teach manners authentically?

I saw this quote the other day and it touched my soul āœØšŸ’«šŸŒ™ In my 17 years of studying and teaching in early childhood education I have learnt and seen so much from other educators/parents/adults and the children in my care. One of my pet hates is seeing educators stand over children with a piece of food in their hand and repeat ā€œwhat do you say?ā€ … Continue reading Respectful Parenting; How can we teach manners authentically?

Using Nature in Play – Our favourite loose parts to use at home

“The land is where our roots are.Ā  The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the earth” Maria Montessori. In my love of collecting pieces from nature, I have passed it onto my son. A couple of months ago we were walking to a late rugby league game and there was a lot of foot traffic. “That leaf! I need that … Continue reading Using Nature in Play – Our favourite loose parts to use at home

Lemon Play Dough

We have a lemon tree out the back of our house and this year we have had heaps of lemons grow. Last year we only got 3 lemons off the tree…Strange! So this year I thought I would try as many recipes with lemon in as I can. I need to do more because so far I have only done Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Honey, … Continue reading Lemon Play Dough

Our Easter Faves!

Easter is coming up really soon, and not every parent wants there child eating a truck load of chocolate. So I’ve put together nine of my favourites fromĀ Instagram. Click on the links below to view their websites! Easter Sonny Angel Dolls fromĀ Invite Me Shop Bunny print fromĀ Frankie and Co Designs Easter pastel wreath fromĀ Little Puddles Crochet Bunny fromĀ Full Tilt Nanna Chalk eggs fromĀ Micador Egg Puzzle … Continue reading Our Easter Faves!

2 Ingredient Toddler Cookies

I have been looking for a recipe to make some simple biscuits for Marley to eat that are not full of sugar and so I found the recipeĀ HEREĀ and did my own version. Ingredients: 2 x Bananas 1 C Oats (I used quick oats) You can add really anything else you want: chocolate chips, craisins, coconut, chia seeds, peanut butter, grated carrot, spices… I added 1 … Continue reading 2 Ingredient Toddler Cookies

Miss Maker Pop Up Shop – Melbourne

Melbourne is full of creative people and there are markets all across the city every week. Miss Maker “appreciate the value in Parent/Carer makers and see the merits in their work, and the love that goes into creating, the honesty and also the sanity that it brings to their wonderfully chaotic child filled lives. Ā WeĀ support Melbourne Parent/Carer Makers to build and develop theirĀ brands. We offer … Continue reading Miss Maker Pop Up Shop – Melbourne

Australia Day!

Crikey!! It’s Australia day next week! 26th of January, and what better way to celebrate than with some beautiful Australian iconic goodies. Check out 9 of my Aussie favorites!   Alphabet Frieze is fromĀ Ozzilla Aussie Munchies chunky puzzle fromĀ Confetti Kids Australian Flag Dress fromĀ Hello Audrey Australian Cookie Cutters fromĀ Bisk-Art Austalia Treasure Board fromĀ One Two Tree Colouring Book A is for Australia fromĀ Colour Me Art Australian … Continue reading Australia Day!

Bobo and Boo Bamboo Dinnersets

We love Bobo and Boo dinnersets! I’m so grateful to of had the chance to be a brand rep for these amazing children’s dinner sets. Ā I use them everyday. They are an asset to any family with small children or grandchildren. Also these would work well in a cafe or childcare centre too. Ā This set is durable and withstand any child who throws or drops … Continue reading Bobo and Boo Bamboo Dinnersets